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Taiji, Qigong, and Immunity

In today’s Washington Post Health & Science section there is an article titled “Science tackles how immunities decline with age.”  The issue that prompts the article is, of course, the corona virus, and its particularly strong impact on older adults.  … Continue reading

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Taijiquan free fighting

It takes a long time to train up for Taijiquan free fighting. There are a lot of intermediate steps between Taiji form and Taiji free fighting–centering, sticking and adhering, stationary and moving pushing hands, silk reeling yin and yang coiling, … Continue reading

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Strategy in Taijiquan

I posted the following on Linkedin in response to a question about how do you think of strategy in Taijiquan: If I think of strategy in terms of dealing with physical attack by a human opponent, then strategy is first … Continue reading

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