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Protecting and Nurturing the Spirit (continued)

Root and center are the keys to our physical stability. In Taijiquan we train to strengthen our root and refine our center. Root is our connection to the earth. Center is the area of the body that when a strong … Continue reading

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Prevention vs. treatment

Every October, breast cancer awareness month, I am reminded that the American approach to illness is still heavily biased toward an attitude that goes something like this: “first I have the bad luck to get sick, then I go to … Continue reading

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Functional meditation, continued

Our discussion of how we can use the wisdom mind to control the emotional mind to reduce stress and achieve a calm state of mind has helped develop and refine the principle we discussed two weeks ago.  I am going … Continue reading

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Qigong for Breast Cancer Demo Wednesday August 6, 6:15 PM

Simple Qigong Exercises Can Help Prevent Breast Cancer A set of simple exercises, part of an ancient Chinese exercise system called qigong (aka chi kung), has proven very beneficial in helping to prevent breast cancer. Qigong exercises well-known in the … Continue reading

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Qi Permeation Technique–Zombification

With no advanced Taijiquan class going on at the same time as 11 AM Qigong on Saturday, I took the opportunity to introduce the class to Master Liang’s Qi Permeation Technique. We did all nine repetitions and it took 1/2 … Continue reading

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Reverse Abdominal Breathing vs. Normal Abdominal Breathing

Normal abdominal breathing (NAB) is a mixture of Yin and Yang elements.  When you inhale, you draw the breath in (Yin), but you gently expand the abdomen (Yang) and gently push down on the Perineium aka Hui Yin or Pelvic … Continue reading

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