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Who are you?

Some people want to gain others’ respect, so they take out a mortgage and buy a big house. Since they can’t take their big house with them when they step outside, they take out another loan and buy a fancy … Continue reading

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Root and Fa Jin

It is very common for students of Taijiquan to lose their root when they begin training Fa Jin or power manifestation. When I watch my students first try punching the BOB (Body Opponent Bag) with power or striking with Taiji … Continue reading

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Mutual Resistance and Double Weighting

The Taiji classics warn against creating a situation of mutual resistance, also called, less clearly, double weighting. What is mutual resistance? A simple illustration would be when in pushing hands one partner is pushing and the other is responding with … Continue reading

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Can’t find the time?????

Sorry, I have neglected my blog recently. I could say that I couldn’t find the time to blog. You often hear people say that they “can’t find the time.” But that expression would not be accurate in my case just … Continue reading

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