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Taiji Ball Patterns

Learning point from this week’s taiji ball practice in pushing hands seminar.  Make the ball pattern three dimensional by turning the body from side to side.  There is also another stepping pattern where you step to center and root and … Continue reading

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Refinement of double pushing hands

Several points came out in today’s practice.  In Da Lu with large roll back #2, do not forget the weigh shifting, forward on attack and backward on neutralization.  In the Yin-Yang symbol tracing, Peng Lu Ji An and other sets, … Continue reading

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Misunderstanding or misleading conception of “double weighting”

In yesterday’s lecture, Master Yang talked about the concept of double weighting.  The concept is sometimes misunderstood as having equal weight on each leg.  The Chinese words can be confusing.  He pointed out that the correct understanding of the Chinese … Continue reading

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Second Day of Pushing Hands Seminar

Yesterday we reviewed double pushing hands and single pushing hands moving.  Nothing much to say new about techniques 1-6 and yin coil in double.  In single pushing hand and coiling practice it is important to remember that the neutralization of … Continue reading

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Coiling Practice

This morning we began the pushing hands seminar in the advanced group with solo coiling exercise done stationary, rocking and stepping. You use one hand to coil yin or yang over the other and then push or pluck. Important points … Continue reading

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