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Strategy in Taijiquan

I posted the following on Linkedin in response to a question about how do you think of strategy in Taijiquan: If I think of strategy in terms of dealing with physical attack by a human opponent, then strategy is first … Continue reading

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Qi Permeation Technique–Zombification

With no advanced Taijiquan class going on at the same time as 11 AM Qigong on Saturday, I took the opportunity to introduce the class to Master Liang’s Qi Permeation Technique. We did all nine repetitions and it took 1/2 … Continue reading

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Seeking Taiji Knowledge

I am always puzzled to meet people who call themselves taijiquan practitioners but do not know the name Yang, Jwing Ming. I think that is like calling yourself a physicist and not knowing about Robert Oppenheimer or Enrico Fermi. If … Continue reading

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Entering the Taiji Circle

Yang Ban Hou’s thesis on the Taiji Circle states that it is easy to retreat from the circle but hard to enter it. The Taiji Circle is short range fighting, at a distance where you can stick to your opponent … Continue reading

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Readings from the Classics

We are due for a new classics passage for the white board in the studio. ┬áReading Yang Ban Hou’s next thesis, I see that his thoughts are getting too complex for our many beginner students. ┬áI will have to go … Continue reading

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